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Over the last few years, the drop in price and increase in quality of digital video cameras have made video an increasingly cost-effective method to deliver information and emotion.

Are you hosting an event (business or personal) that you would like to capture and share with others who can't attend?  Would you like to make a powerful sales pitch for a product or service?  A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is 30 pictures per second.

I have extensive experience with all the aspects of creating a video, from organizing and executing a single or multi-camera shoot to the editing (to give it that polished look) through to the method of delivery (over the Web or on tape or DVD).

Click here to view a pdf of my video production resumé.

Here is a selection of videos, both personal and professional that I have created. (Click the image to view the video)


Length: 0:02:58

Appts Claude

A real estate sales video. Note: Audio is in French.

Length: 0:07:05

Just Enough Java preview

A montage preview from a soon-to-be-released training video for the hi-tech industry.

Length: 0:20:16

Documenting APIs & SDKS preview

The first 20 minutes of a 3 hour training video for the hi-tech industry. It is an edited version of a one-day seminar given by an expert in the field of software programming and documentation. Note: Similar to previous video.

Length: 0:03:51


A selection from a live concert by professional Ragtime pianist and singer Mimi Blais. This particular piece is a tribute to Lil Hardin Armstrong (Louis Armstrong's wife).

Length: 0:02:18

The Baby Piano (The Monkey Rag)

Another video of Mimi Blais. In this one she plays a rag on a toy piano.

Length: 0:11:40

Lou Levine celebrates his 90th birthday at Congregation Zichron Kedoshim

Lou sings a passage from the Torah.


Length: 0:02:37

Waking Up

A montage video which tells a short story using stock clips and various pieces of music. It was done as an editing and creativity exercize.

Length: 0:02:25

Who Am I?

A very personal and introspective video. I attempted to symbolically explore a defining element of my perception. In order to focus on the visual narrative, I restricted myself to using no sound and only minor editing.

Length: 0:19:30


An interview with an unusual, quirky and very humourous individual. It is also an exploration of the positives and negatives of completely embracing an alternative, technology filled lifestyle. WARNING: The language and some of the topics discussed are very explicit and may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Length: 0:08:38

La Princesse des Chevalier

Conceived, written and performed by a friend's 13 year old and her friends for their high school French project. I filmed and edited it for them. The production quality is not very high but the story is fun and silly. Note: Except for the bloopers, all the audio is in French.

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February 19, 2009

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