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The following are several pieces of shareware software that I myself use regularly and heartily recommend.  I hope you will find them as useful as I have.


This is a very popular alternative to the Windows built-in Web browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer.  One of the main reasons for its popularity is the fact that it is far more resistant to picking up viruses, spyware and other security threats while you are browsing the Web.  It was also the innovator of "tabbed" browsing, a function that allows you to easily switch back and forth between multiple Web pages that you can have open simultaneously.

Download version 2 for Windows

This is the single most useful software utility I have ever come across.  An alternative to Windows Explorer, WinZip, WS FTP, PC Anywhere and many others.  In one easy program, it does most or all of the functions of these other programs and it does them far better.  It is also simpler to use and has many more additional and useful features than they do.  Far too many to list here.  I love this program!

Download version 6.03a for Windows

Being infected by a computer virus is the biggest concern of most computer users. But why pay big bucks to Norton or McAfee when you can get excellent protection for absolutely FREE. AVG is easy to use and provides top-notch protection against viruses. You can easily update the definitions list regularly. It has an automatic scheduler and many other useful functions.

Download version 7.5 for Windows

The next worst thing after viruses is spyware, Which are essentially non-malicious viruses that let other people into your computer to monitor what you are doing or use your computer as a relay point for spam. Ad-Aware helps find and eliminate these programs.

Download version SE Personal Edition 1.06 for Windows

Of all the photo viewers I have tried, I like this one the most.  Fast, simple to use, and fairly customizable.  It has a built in file browser with many nice features, including a thumbnail view and "smart" copying.  It can also do slide shows as well as instantly convert any photo into your default wallpaper.

Download free trial of version 9 for Windows
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