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Welcome.  I am a Montreal based computer consultant.  I specialize in helping PEOPLE with their computers, the operative word being: People.

I believe it is very important to remember that computers were invented to serve people, not the reverse.  Their purpose, just like any other tool, is to improve our lives by making the work we do both easier and better.  In addition they can enrich our personal lives by entertaining us and by allowing us to communicate quickly and economically with other people all over the world.

Because of this belief, I make a point of getting to know the people I'm working with, understanding their computing needs, comfort level and budget.  By knowing these things, I am able to offer advice and provide solutions that are the most appropriate for that individual person or business.

With the above philosophy in mind here are some of the services that I offer to private individuals and small and medium sized businesses:

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January 25, 2007

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